To the dolphins and gannets it’s simply meal time – but to a viewer, it’s poetry in motion

Our Big Blue Backyard is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated and discussed TV series, produced by the world-renowned NHNZ – formerly Natural History New Zealand – based in Dunedin.

Newsroom is featuring some of the top moments from this incredible show, including behind-the-scenes interviews with underwater cinematographer Kina Scollay, and NHNZ executive producer Judith Curran.

“The day we came across this phenomenon was a memorable one. Hundreds of common dolphins start to work a huge school of bait-fish (saury) and we are getting fabulous footage of their hunting techniques. Some herd the fish into a ball, while other dolphins shoot up from below into the school to take out as many fish as possible. They all take turns, and then the gannet train arrives as well – the birds have been watching where the dolphins were heading. Filming these amazing sea birds dive bomb into the school of fish is an absolute spectacle.”
Kina Scollay
Director of photography, producer

Our Big Blue Backyard was made for TVNZ 1 with the help of NZ On Air.

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