Every day Newsroom appears in two forms – the free news website you are reading now and the paid-for subscriber news service Newsroom Pro.

We are conjoined sites – sharing journalists and reporting on the Things that Matter to New Zealand – but we offer two different news feeds.

We have been ‘live’ now for nearly 12 weeks and some readers have asked how they might sample the Newsroom Pro offering, to see more each day of what is going on, with analysis from our lively and experienced journalists.

The Newsroom Pro site, which sits behind a paywall to protect the value for our corporate and individual subscribers, always has one story accessible to the public for free.

There are also two daily email mailouts – the broad-based one you may well receive from newsroom.co.nz about 7.30am and a fuller, interpretive email alert called Newsroom Pro’s 8 things at 8am, produced by Newsroom Pro editor Bernard Hickey and sent to subscribers.

You can check out today’s 8 things at 8am email message here.

As you will see, this email deals in depth with particular news items. It also links to the stories which appear on the Newsroom Pro website and to vital reading elsewhere.

Frequently stories on the Newsroom Pro agenda, mainly Wellington-based policy, politics, economics, governmental and business subjects, are posted immediately to that site and emailed direct to subscribers. The stories may appear later on newsroom.co.nz in an amended or updated form.

Our press gallery office in Wellington is made up of Bernard Hickey, Shane Cowlishaw, Lynn Grieveson and Sam Sachdeva. Our Auckland journalists also assist the Pro service.

If, after checking out the Pro offering you are interested in the extras and the early, direct work of our skilled Wellington team, feel free to consider subscribing here.

Thanks for reading Newsroom.co.nz – and enjoy the Pro experience.

Tim Murphy

Co-editor, Newsroom

Tim Murphy is co-editor of Newsroom. He writes about politics, Auckland, and media. Twitter: @tmurphynz

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