Starfish pry pāua carefully from the rocks, only to have them snatched away by marauding gangs of cod

Our Big Blue Backyard is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated and discussed TV series, produced by the world-renowned NHNZ – formerly Natural History New Zealand – based in Dunedin.

Newsroom is featuring some of the top moments from this incredible show, including behind-the-scenes interviews with underwater cinematographer Kina Scollay, and NHNZ executive producer Judith Curran.

“Blue cod are hilarious fish that appear to really like being filmed and they and the massive starfish are constantly battling over who gets the pāua. The starfish are better at prying them off the rocks but then a gang of cod will move in and take the prize. It’s exceptionally entertaining”.

 Kina Scollay                                                                                                                          Underwater cinematographer

NHNZ series Our Big Blue Backyard was made for TV One with the help of NZ on Air

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