As NZ finally learned which party Winston Peters would side with, Lynn Grieveson was there every step of the way

Finally, New Zealanders have a Government – almost four weeks after polls closed on Election Day.

In the weeks since September 23, and the days since the final counting of all votes including special votes, the country has waited as New Zealand First, driven by its leader, caucus, and board, came to a decision about which major party it would enter into coalition with as the next Government.

In the gallery below, click through to see the day’s events as they unfolded. Scroll or swipe vertically to navigate through the gallery.

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As might be expected with NZ First leader Winston Peters in control, the day itself was not free of drama. Media were made to wait almost an hour for Peters to address them at the Beehive, and then endured a long and winding speech before he finally delivered his verdict.

And what was news to all of us was news to National’s Bill English and Labour’s Jacinda Ardern as well.

The short walk to power

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