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Encouraged by the Paris agreement and other developments overseas, more New Zealand companies are locking on to climate change issues, says Simon Watt, a partner at Bell Gully, in this Newsroom interview by Rod Oram.

“Leading corporates are very open about their sustainability policies,” he says. This encourages others to follow suit, which is helping to build momentum on the country’s response to climate change.

Meanwhile, the government is working on its Zero Carbon Act, a Climate Commission, and other policies to set the framework where New Zealand can meet its international commitments on carbon reduction.

The convergence of these government and corporate responses will mean companies will much more actively manage their climate responsibilities over the next decade, adds Watt, who has an international reputation for his legal work on climate issues.

Bell Gully is a foundation supporter of Newsroom.

Rod Oram is a weekly columnist who covers climate, economics and politics.

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