Finance Minister Bill English jokingly brandishes a knife during the opening of a Co-operative Bank branch on Lambton Quay, Wellington, in November 2015. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
Prime Minister John Key and English, on their way to present Budget 2016 which included the first real benefit hikes in 30 years. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
The odd couple: English and deputy Paula Bennett pose on the steps of Parliament after the caucus voted them in as Prime  Minister and deputy following the shock resignation of John Key, who nominated English as his preferred successor.Photo by Lynn Grieveson
New Prime Minister Bill English at the swearing in of his cabinet at Government House. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
English bottle feeds a lamb at a farm in Japan during his first foreign trip as Prime Minister. Photo by Sam Sachdeva
English laughs as Amy Adams cuts the cake at the launch of the Social Investment Agency, the ‘big data’ initiative he guided as Finance Minister and Prime Minister and counts as one of his biggest achievements. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
English, watched by wife Mary, greets a toddler at the National party conference in June 2017. Photo by Lynn Grieveson 
English is questioned by press gallery journalists over the Todd Barclay affair, following Newsroom revelations that he had made a statement to police about alleged recordings of electorate staff. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
English talks with Victoria University law student Kahu Haimoana during visit to the university for O Week clubs day. In the background Harrison Medhurst, Young Nats lower North Island secretary, watches and smiles.  Photo by Lynn Grieveson
English waits while workers at a Horowhenua market garden prepare their phones for selfies during the election campaign. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
English talks with staff at the BizDojo shared workspace during the election campaign, when he shook off concerns that he would come across as too reserved and revealed himself to be an enthusiastic and effective retail politician. Photo by Lynn Grieveson 
English talks to senior students at Horowhenua College during the election campaign, telling them of his hopes for the social investment approach. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
Cuddling a kitten during an election campaign visit to a Hutt Valley cat cafe. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
English waves triumphantly to supporters at SkyCity on election night, confident that he had done enough to secure another term for National. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
Mary English watches as English talks to reporters on the night Winston Peters announced he had chosen Labour as coalition partner. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
English buttons his jacket as he walks to the first caucus meeting after the coalition decision, where his leadership was confirmed. Photo by Lynn Grieveson 
English listens as reporters ask about rumours over National leadership changes. Photo by Lynn Grieveson 
English smiles during his resignation announcement on 13 February, telling journalists he is excited about the idea of doing something different, even if he is not sure yet what that is. Photo by Lynn Grieveson
A relaxed English talks to Newsroom in his office three hours after announcing his resignation. Photo by Lynn Grieveson

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