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John Armstrong (1News): ‘Labour has been outsmarted and outmanoeuvred’ by Winston Peters

Richard Harman (Politik): Who is in charge?

Danyl Mclauchlan (Spinoff): Jacinda and the Winston dilemma: do nothing or take the nuclear option

Chris Trotter: NZ First’s Radical Conservatism Must Triumph Before Labour-Greens’ Radical Progressivism Can Succeed

Matthew Hooton (Herald): No new Prime Minister has had an easier ride than Jacinda Ardern

ODT Editorial: Time to wrest back control

Bryan Gould: Coalition government working as it should

Point of Order: Labour is reminded it must toe the NZ First line to remain in office

Lucy Bennett (Herald): NZ First leader Winston Peters denies cracks looming in coalition Government

Winston Peters (Herald): MPs should be bound to the party that got them elected

1News: Winston Peters admits he got it wrong over MP contract with $300k clause – ‘It was my memory’

Craig McCulloch (RNZ): Peters wrong on NZ First MPs’ good behaviour contract

Lucy Bennett (Herald): Winston Peters now says no NZ First MPs signed clause for $300,000 resignation liability

Lucy Bennett (Herald): Paula Bennett claims leaks from Māori caucus say Meka Whaitiri’s job safe

Talisa Kupenga (Māori TV): Bennett claims Whaitiri inquiry info leaked by Labour’s Māori Caucus

Point of Order: How the Govt’s IT girl and her email secrets left Chris Hipkins floundering

Employment law reform

Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): When does collective Cabinet responsibility kick in?

Mike Treen (Daily Blog): A stupid missed opportunity that will hurt workers rights

Henry Cooke (Stuff): Winston Peters signals agreement on labour law, as National put up amendments

Audrey Young (Herald): National challenges NZ First to support more changes to workplace bill

Esther Taunton (Stuff): Farm safety would go ‘out the window’ with proposed laws

Kirk Hope (Stuff): lack of change to employment bill deeply disappointing

Point of Order: Bleating unions need to adjust to the way employment laws are passed in the MMP era


Simon Louisson (The Standard): What does it take for bosses not to get their bonus?

John Anthony (Stuff): Fonterra loss reminiscent of a failed All Blacks World Cup campaign

Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Counting the cost of Fonterra’s loss

Gyles Beckford (RNZ):Analysis: Crying over Fonterra’s spilt milk

David Hargreaves (Interest): Fonterra’s long way back 

Andrea Fox (Herald): Fonterra needs a clean-out and to get back to basics: Shane Jones

Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Spierings walks away with another $8m after Fonterra posts $196m loss

RNZ: Fonterra’s big loss: ‘A worrying pattern has developed’

1News: Fonterra’s interim CEO admits performance must improve as $196 million loss announced today

AAP: Fonterra faces major overhaul after posting historic deficit

Simon Hartley (ODT): Fonterra apologies, fix-it plan after first loss

Newshub: ’They simply must do better’ – farming group on Fonterra loss

Christina Persico (Taranaki Daily News): Taranaki farmers told ‘don’t lose sleep’ over Fonterra’s $196m loss

David Hargreaves (Interest): Fonterra to review business after losses

RNZ: Fonterra announces $196m loss

Hamish Fletcher (Herald): Departing Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings paid another $8 million

ODT: 6000 Fonterra staff earn over $100k


Craig McCulloch (RNZ): ’It was an act of theatre’ – 1080 activist on dead birds at Parliament

Henry Cooke (Stuff): Speaker: Rare birds in 1080 protest ‘bludgeoned to death’

Herald: Speaker lays complaint with police after dead birds left on steps of Parliament

RNZ: Police complaint laid after dead native birds used in 1080 protest

1News: Speaker lays complaint after kererū left at Parliament appears to be ‘killed by bludgeoning’

1News: Green Party co-leader’s 1080 comments put ‘spoke in the wheel’ of conversation effort – National

Herald: National Party claims Greens are split on 1080

Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): The dead birds 1080 protesters put on Parliament steps were killed with blunt force

Lois Williams (RNZ): 1080 drop over Russell forest to go ahead in the next few days


Jane Clifton (Listener): Winston Peters and Simon Bridges are the architects of their own misfortunes

No Right Turn: Why does Parliamentary Services need spies?

1News: Watch: Winston Peters accuses Paula Bennett of asking ‘mindless questions’ and diving into ‘moronic abyss’ during Question Time

Newshub: ’Moronic abyss’: Winston Peters cuts up Paula Bennett in brutal Question Time

David Farrar: Nuk says Maori representation doesn’t need Maori seats

Jonathan Guildford (Press): Jacinda Ardern pays homage to suffragettes at sold out Christchurch event

Power prices

Rob Stock (Stuff): Calls to ban electricity ‘prompt payment discounts’

David Farrar: So when did power prices increase?

Primary and extractive industries

Whanganui Chronicle: Trans-Tasman Resources is not giving up its effort to mine iron-sand

Sharon Reece (ODT): Corporate farms get blame for pollution

Ilona Hanne (Herald): Cruel day as M.bovis eradication effort hits young Taranaki farmer

Katy Jones (Nelson Mail): Forestry company addresses industry practices

Newshub: Kaupapa approach used to curb forestry deaths

Stardust and Substance: the New Zealand General Election of 2017

Bill English: ’Confident but paranoid’: reflections on election 2017 – exerpt

Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Election polling data should worry left bloc

Environment and conservation

Matt Stewart (Stuff): Tradies fear for health after asbestos-laden dust thought to be from Lower Hutt industrial fire settles on ute bonnet

Ben Strang (RNZ): Dust coating cars in a Lower Hutt suburb contains asbestos

Kirsty Lawrence (Stuff): Further testing being done to determine how far contamination has spread

RNZ: Plastic in NZ waters: ‘We can only control a segment of it’

David Williams (Newsroom): DOC takes lessons from mining

Anusha Bradley (RNZ): Concerns aquifer replenishing technology ‘untested’

RNZ: Dog owner comes forward after seal attack footage released

Scott Palmer (Newshub): Horrific footage of dog attack on fur seal outrages DoC

Robert Steven (Stuff): ’Ban swimming in the rapids’, coroner says in wake of woman’s drowning

Welfare, financial hardship

Catherine Hutton (RNZ): Councillor tells of Work and Income humiliation

Shabnam Dastgheib (Stuff): Auckland pensioners turning to food banks, flatmates to get by

RNZ: Minimum wage: The mum spending all her pay on rent (audio)


Geoff Simmons (Interest): Tax Working Group should take capital gains tax off the table… and replace it with an equity tax

Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): IRD chases students while speculators go free

John Anthony (Stuff): Rich Lister Eric Watson holidays in Europe instead of giving evidence in tax case

No Right Turn: Priorities

Te Reo Māori 

Eden More (RNZ): Māori youth labelled ‘plastic’: ‘I’m not Māori enough but I’m not white’

Gia Garrick (RNZ): Brownlee admits he hasn’t spoken te reo in 20 years

Alice Neville (Metro): Why making te reo Māori a core subject is not as simple as it seems

Herald: The big debate: should te reo Māori be compulsory in schools?

Alice Neville (Metro): Do we need to make te reo Māori compulsory?

Rawinia Higgins (Stuff): Language as ‘our precious’: Why Gollum is relevant to te reo Māori

Jesse King (Whanganui Chronicle): Carlton School principal frustrated about lack of support from Ministry of Education to promote te reo curriculum

Jo Lines-Mackenzie (Stuff): The use of Māori language accelerating in newspapers

Mānia Clarke (Māori TV): McDs serves a reo happy meal

Mathew Dallas (Manawatū Standard): Te reo takes nothing from Pākehā, so why are we so defensive?

David Farrar: We have had a PM that could speak Maori – the last one

John Boynton (RNZ): Thousands march in hikoi for Te wiki o te reo Māori

Tema Hemi (Māori TV): Marches demonstrate increasing support for te reo

1News: Thousands march through central Auckland celebrating Māori language week

 Michael Neilson (Herald): Positive reactions to speaking more te reo Māori

Gerry Brownlee

Colin Williscroft (Press): MP defends behaviour, says lack of detail about steel mesh class action ‘irresponsible’

RNZ: Gerry Brownlee denies ‘bullying’ phone call to law firm

Local government

Dominic Harris (Press): Last government under fire as council seeks to throw off shackles to change district plan

John Minto (Daily Blog): Protest today at Council Meeting – a travesty of democracy is in the making

RNZ: Christchurch stadium: Green light to use government funds

1News: Christchurch City Council gives $220 million covered multi-use arena the green light

Newsroom: Green light for Christchurch Stadium with $220 million funding approval

RNZ: Council to allow work on coastal properties

Mike Yardley (Stuff): First priority is relief for beleaguered residents

Dominic Harris (Stuff): Plastic destined for the rubbish heap as Christchurch embraces green revolution

Tina Law (Press): Prostitutes Collective gets $40,000 from Christchurch City Council to help sex workers

Todd Niall (Stuff): Auckland’s first Chinese councillor

Bernard Orsman (Herald): Ardern keeping tabs on unpopular town centre upgrade in her Mt Albert electorate

David Kidd (Idealog): Auckland was ranked 13th on WSP’s Global Cities Index. Here’s why – and what it needs to do to move up the list

Ryan Dunlop (Herald): Youth council follows Swarbrick’s lead by creating videos to reach and educate youths

Nikki Preston (Herald): Hamilton City Council snaps up first properties as part of $7m Victoria St buy-up plan

Mary-Jo Tohill (Southland Times): Council planning department ‘adequately’ staffed, leader says


Nicole Lawton (Stuff): Man with Down syndrome appeals for law change so he can access KiwiSaver funds

Kate Hawkesby (Newstalk ZB): Can’t this Government show some compassion for one KiwiSaver?


Simon Wilson (Herald): What if only young people were allowed to vote?

1News: Photos: Sneak peek at the 25 new KiwiBuild homes announced today for Auckland’s Onehunga

Tom Furley (RNZ): First look at Onehunga KiwiBuild apartment plan

Herald: Construction of 25 stylish KiwiBuild apartments in Onehunga starts today

Stuff: KiwiBuild adds 25 apartments from private developer to its total 

Sophie Bateman (Newshub): Phil Twyford admits embarrassing KiwiBuild blunder

RNZ: Zone changes paves way for 400 new Hawke’s Bay homes

Michael Neilson (Herald): Papakura family being evicted from ‘swamp home’ to challenge notice

Leah Te Whata (Māori TV): Mother desperate to find home as housing crisis hits Whanganui

Foreign Affairs and trade

Dominion Post Editorial: Doing what’s right, for everyone

Andrea Vance (Stuff): Retired diplomat announced NZ Ambassador to Trump’s Washington

Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): New ambassador to US appointed

Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): No ‘white brorocracy’: NZ announces new ambassador to the United States

1News: New Zealand new Ambassador to the US named


Aaron Leaman and Adele Redmond (Stuff): Calls to make NZ Wars compulsory learning fails to find favour with Education Minister

Donna-Lee Biddle and Adele Redmond (Stuff): History teacher’s lament – students say NZ Wars too boring

Moana Makapelu Lee (Māori TV): Govt plans elite mātauranga Māori school for youth

Ben Bootsma (Southland Times): Trades classes not available at Southland Girls’ High School 

Elena McPhee (ODT:) Sara Cohen to get $4m rebuild

Emma Dangerfield (Stuff): $10 million upgrade announced for Oxford Area School, new classrooms promised for others

Jo Moir (Stuff): Head of two charter schools annoyed by newspaper ad

George Heagney (Manawatū Standard): Latest teacher and principal pay offer doesn’t impress

Emma McKay (Herald): Increase in struggling university students accessing hardship funds

1News: University of Otago announces new $150 million building in Christchurch

Child abuse

Adele Redmond (Stuff): Call for St Bede’s College rector to resign after teacher who confessed sex abuse continued working

Peter Dunne (Newsroom): Fine words, little action on abuse inquiry


Nicholas Jones (Herald):Rest home shake-up: Advice on aged-care watchdog received

Newshub: Ministry of Health Science Advisor says Sugar Tax could benefit low income households

Eric Crampton: Not-so-sweet advice

John Boynton (RNZ): Study to examine why Māori are more likely to die from heart disease

1News: New vaccine to protect Kiwis from rheumatic fever could save hundreds of lives

Katarina Williams (Stuff): DHBs put out ‘Help Wanted’ sign, as nursing labour market tightens

Julie Iles and Ruby MacAndrew (Stuff): Proposed ban on over-the-counter codeine ruffling feathers in the industry

Fiona Connor (Newshub): ’They’re emotionally blackmailing people to donate’: Mike King hits back at Lifeline

Sarah Robson (RNZ): Lifeline turns down help offer

Tom Hunt (Stuff): Wellington Hospital medical supplies sit in quake-prone building

Christine McKay (Hawke’s Bay Today): Easier to buy tinnie in Tararua than get healthcare: Youth services manager

Stuff: Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick to lead new primary health group

Rachael Kelly (Southland Times): Walker tables Lumsden Maternity Centre petition with select committee

Ian Harris (ODT): Asking questions of life and death


Zane Small (Newshub): Family First warns against cannabis reform after damning Colorado report

1News: New Zealand should legalise drugs, treat addiction with ‘compassion and love’ as they have in Portugal, says researcher


Damian George (Dominion Post): Government select committee to look into Wellington’s bus network

The LIstener: Wellington’s public transport was a shining example to NZ, what happened?

Gordon Campbell: On the rising cost of petrol

RNZ: Suspended engineer under more scrutiny


Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): Prime Minister pulls out of Newshub Nation and Q+A weekend appearances

Jessica Tyson (Māori TV): Māori TV and union staff reach settlement

Kate Robertson (Stuff): John Campbell to present final show for RNZ 

Darren Bevan (Stuff): Radio New Zealand presenter Guyon Espiner has Type One diabetes

Herald: RNZ presenter Guyon Espiner discharged from hospital following diabetic emergency


Brad Lewis (Newshub): All Blacks: Steve Hansen clarifies call for Government funding

1News: ’It’s an opportunity for us to take New Zealand to the rest of the world’: Steve Hansen reiterates call for Government cash


Chris Harrowell (Stuff): MP Louisa Wall speaks out about receiving death threats in fight for LGBTIQ rights

Action Station: More than 200 people have donated over $5,000 for pro-inclusive feminism stickers and posters in response to anti-trans messages


RNZ: NZ commission wins first step in data protection case

Liam Dann (Herald): How Australia cost New Zealand $2 billion

Andrew McRae (RNZ): NZ sailors who died in the UK in the 1950s being returned home

1News: Water meters likely for all New Zealand households in the future, expert says

RNZ: Thousands of power poles suddenly become serviceable

Herald Editorial: Time to close the pay gap – before we need women-only quotas

Alice Wilkins (Newshub): New service PaySauce lets you spend your salary – before payday

AAP: Ngāpuhi iwi living in Australia to have their say on treaty negotiations

Jim Rose (Herald): Manus Island and Nauru are not prisons for asylum seekers

Point of Order: Ethnicity data to be collected for “balance” in appointments to State sector boards

Brian Fallow (Herald): US economy v NZ – why the winner isn’t who you think

Jonny Turner (ODT): Purdon slams handling of racing scandal

Herald: John Key mocks revolving door of Aussie prime ministers

RNZ: Former PM Sir John Key roasts Australia’s revolving-door leadership

Benn Bathgate (Stuff): Wally Haumaha hunger striker backs ‘my chief’

Michael Reddell: Another campaign speech from the Governor

Newshub: Greg O’Connor to accept petition asking New Zealand to give Julian Assange asylum

Dan Satherley (Newshub): The world’s angriest and saddest countries, ranked

Pete George: Most peaceful countries 2018

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