The Tax Working Group's interim report is 188 pages long. Newsroom brings you the bite-sized version. Source: Deloitte

The Tax Working Group (TWG)’s “Future of Tax” interim report is 188 pages long. There have been (and there will be) many hundreds more pages written about the findings. (Newsroom has written a few.) And that’s even before the full report comes out in February next year.

In the spirit of brevity, Newsroom brings you the four-slide, read-before-breakfast, edited version prepared by Deloitte. Enjoy.

Source: Deloitte

For a more technical perspective on the Tax Working Group Interim Report, especially as it relates to business, see the full Deloitte analysis

Nikki Mandow was Newsroom's business editor and the 2021 Voyager Media Awards Business Journalist of the Year @NikkiMandow.

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