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Jami-Lee Ross on medical leave from Parliament, National

Richard Harman (Politik): Top Nat troubleshooter advising Jami Lee Ross

Audrey Young (Herald): Timing of Jami-Lee Ross’ departure from Parliament raises questions

Newshub: National MPs stand by Jami-Lee Ross

Lucy Bennett (Herald): National MP Jami-Lee Ross decision came ‘out of the blue’, says Simon Bridges

Anna Whyte (1News): Simon Bridges maintains MP Jami-Lee Ross’ personal leave not related to travel expenses leak

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): National MP Jami-Lee Ross taking leave for ‘personal health issues’

Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Jami-Lee Ross to take medical leave from Parliament

Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): National MP takes leave from Parliament, Caucus for health issues

Herald: National MP Jami-Lee Ross takes break from Parliament for ‘personal health issues

RNZ: National MP Jami-Lee Ross stands down for health reasons

Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): ‘Entirely separate’

David Farrar: Ross on leave

Greg Presland (The Standard): Jami-Lee Ross takes time out

Newstalk ZB: National leak investigation drags on for more than a month

NZ First

Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: NZ First’s ‘virtue signalling’ against immigrants

Donna Miles-Mojab (Herald): Bad assumptions behind NZ First plan

Brian Rudman (Herald): NZ First once more revving up anti-migrant bland wagon

Teuila Fuatai (Newsroom): The $200 million migrant exploitation problem

Jason Walls (Herald): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: Labour will not support NZ First’s ‘NZ Values’ bill

1News: ’It’s not Government policy’ – Jacinda Ardern distances Labour from NZ First’s proposed immigrant values bill

Zane Small (Newshub): Labour won’t support NZ First’s values test on migrants – Jacinda Ardern

RNZ: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: Labour would vote against ‘Kiwi values’ bill

Te Aniwa Hurihanganui (RNZ): Māori ask NZ First who decides ‘Kiwi values’

Liam Hehir (Stuff): Life after Winston Peters looks grim for NZ First

Point of Order: Chutzpah and the amazing Winston Peters – surely he qualifies for a place on Martin’s list


Sophia Hollander (The New Yorker): Jacinda Ardern’s Juggling Act

Zane Small (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern doubles down on NZ’s ‘independent foreign policy’

Herald: PM Jacinda Ardern defends paying ad agency to film New York trip

Stuff: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern mouthed ‘sorry’ when taking baby Neve on plane

Cecile Meier (Stuff): Jacinda Ardern shouldn’t apologise to other passengers for taking Neve on a plane

1News: Jacinda Ardern politely declines Russell Crowe’s invitation to serve as Australia’s PM, too

Chris Penk (Kiwiblog): Guest Post: “Our Plan”? Her Spin


Herald Editorial: This term is not time to review MMP

No Right Turn: Winston and MMP

David Farrar: Will the Government change the law to help Greens and NZ First?

Education and training

RNZ: Secondary teachers reject ‘insulting’ pay offer

Sophie Bateman (Newshub): Secondary teachers reject latest pay offer

1News: Secondary teachers reject Government’s latest pay offer

Katarina Williams (Stuff): Joint primary and secondary teacher strikes not being ruled out

Lucy Bennett (Herald): Chris Hipkins talks down pay expectations by secondary teachers at PPTA conference

1News: Government ‘needs to front up now’ as secondary teachers’ union recommend rejecting latest offer

Melissa Nightingale (Herald): Secondary school teachers poised to reject latest pay offer

Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): Reject Govt pay offer, union tells secondary school teachers

Callum Baird (Newsroom): Comment: It’s time NZEI stepped up for teachers

Thomas Manch and Jessica Long (Stuff): Free school lunches would help address child poverty issue, say visiting experts

Nina Hindmarsh (Stuff): Golden Bay kids kicked-off bus face precarious walk along grassy highway to school

John Braddock (World Socialists): New Zealand education riven by class inequality

Jessie Chiang (RNZ): Construction industry urged to diversify in apprenticeships

1News: Government looking at new ways to encourage apprenticeships as construction industry faces worker shortage

Child welfare

Dominion Post Editorial: Imprisoned by old thinking

Phil Pennington (RNZ): NZ Catholic Church withholds findings on sex abuse claims

Health and disability

Nikki Turner (Spinoff): Why on earth drives someone to put up an anti-vaccination billboard?

Zac Fleming (RNZ): Immunologist slams anti-vaccine billboard as ‘almost organised terrorism’

1News: Anti-vaccination group accused of preying on Māori and Pacific people with controversial billboard

Hannah Martin and Danielle Clent (Stuff): Anti-vaccine billboard which received 140 complaints to be pulled

Fiona Connor (Newshub): Anti-vax billboard to be removed after more than 140 complaints

Herald: Anti-vaccine billboard near Middlemore Hospital removed after raft of complaints

Grant Jacobs: Vaccines and risk on Auckland motorway billboard

Karen Brown (RNZ): Health officials under pressure for earlier bowel cancer screening for Māori

Hannah Martin (Stuff): Breast cancer is ‘contagious’ campaign ‘completely out of line’, survivors say

Herald:Breast Cancer Foundation to change wording of campaign following complaints

Māori TV: Māori researcher to study how whakamā affects mental health

Southland Times Editorial: The guiding question for the assisted dying debate

Environment and conservation

RNZ: Minister demands DOC explain kiwi deaths

Carla Penman (Herald): Could traces of Roundup be in a key source of New Zealand’s drinking water?

RNZ: Nine to Noon: Elevated BPA levels found in Capital’s aquifer

RNZ: DOC monitors Northland’s first major 1080 drop in decades

Rachel Stewart (Herald): Drums of water war echoing in pipeline

Dan Dalgety (RNZ): Canterbury water bottling battle goes to High Court

Thomas Manch (Newshub): Protest group fighting Canterbury water bottling consents

Dan Hikuroa (Newsroom):Another approach to our freshwater crisis

Chris Trotter: The Devil’s Imagination

Leith Huffadine (Stuff): Bird of the Year: How an endangered bird ended up on Tinder

RNZ: Zealandia breach: ‘Even one introduced predator is one too many’

George Block (ODT): ’Complete stupidity’: Antics near sea lions criticised

George Block (ODT): Surfer caught on video harassing sea lions

Jono Edwards (ODT):First for South: wildlife capital’s $15m predator control plan launch today

Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): Five hours, 15 volunteers and 200kg of plastic ‘nurdles’ in the bag

Business and economy

Andrea Fox (Herald): Mood of the Boardroom: 150 CEOs deliver their verdict on the Government

Liam Dann (Herald): Failure of confidence knocks off the shine

Liam Dann (Herald): Backing for a Wellbeing Budget

James Penn (Herald): The confidence conundrum

Thomas Pippos (Herald): The paradox of confidence

Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the global stage

Herald: Jacinda Ardern seen as standout performer

Tim McCready (Herald): Winston Peters a ‘pleasant surprise’

Herald: Disciplined Grant Robertson rates

Tim McCready (Herald): ‘He’s doing well in the toughest job’

Tim McCready (Herald): Cut the bombast, Shane

Herald: Praise for minor party leaders

Herald: Marking the report card

Tim McCready (Herald): Honeymoon just about over

Tim McCready (Herald): Storms washing over the oil and gas platform

Graham Skellern (Herald): Muted response to Research and Development tax incentive

Tim McCready (Herald): Waiting for a punch to land

Tim McCready (Herald): Not yet a credible Opposition

Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Business confidence continues to slide, as demand and profits fall

RNZ: NZ business confidence dips to nine-year low

BusinessDesk: Business confidence continues to slide: NZIER

David Hargreaves (Interest): Latest NZIER Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion shows worst level of business confidence since March 2009

Sally Rae (ODT): Business uncertainty persisting

Rob Stock (Stuff): Life and death in New Zealand’s small company sector

Paul McBeth (BusinessDesk): RBNZ pays biggest dividend


Jared Savage (Herald): Wally Haumaha: State Services Commission to open third inquiry into bullying claims ‘if necessary’

Thomas Manch (Stuff): Departments’ handling of Haumaha bullying allegations may be inspected


Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Government likely to come out on top from ‘revenue neutral’ tax proposal

Mark Lister (Herald): Capital gains plan a ‘massive step backwards’


Liu Chen (Stuff): Chinese immigrants prefer working for non-Chinese firms, survey shows

1News: New ‘digital strip search’ law for travellers’ electronic devices has potential for abuse, law expert warns

Katie Fitzgerald: Customs to fine travellers who don’t hand over device passwords


Branko Marcetic (Newsroom): Long read: Foxes in charge of the meth house

Newshub: Trade Me ad seeking flatmates slammed as racist

1News: Dozens of would-be property owners vying for new KiwiBuild homes in Auckland’s Papakura

Katie Scotcher (RNZ): Proposed regulations prompt some landlords to sell

Ben Leahy (Herald): Frustrated landlords call on the Government to provide protection from rogue tenants

Susan Edmunds (Stuff): ’If you steal from a shop it is a crime but if you steal from a landlord, it’s not’

Tracy Neal (RNZ): Tasman landlord had people ‘crying’ and ‘begging’ to view property

Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Falling house prices spread across more of New Zealand

RNZ: Slowdown in house prices as more go on the market

Newshub: House values stable as spring brings listings increase


Scott Palmer (Newshub): New Zealand should be first to introduce 4-day working week – employer

Damien Venuto (Herald): It’s official: Four-day week becomes permanent at Kiwi company Perpetual Guardian

Anuja Nadkarni (Stuff): Perpetual Guardian’s founder says he won’t consider gig-based system

Katie Doyle (RNZ): NZ Post’s audio recordings practice deemed ‘unsettling’

Newshub: New Zealand Post under fire for recording audio of postie drivers

Susan Hornsby-Geluk (Stuff): Strippers aren’t employees but they’re not quite independent, either

David Farrar: Meet the union leader paid almost $1 million a year

Oil and gas exploration ban

Helen Harvey (Stuff): Oil and gas boss: submission process ‘unfair’

Ellie Hooper (Noted): On board the Rainbow Warrior: It’s time to stop the mad pursuit for fossil fuels

Human Rights Commission

Stuff: Paul Hunt named new Chief Human Rights Commissioner in wake of sexual harassment scandal

Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): New Human Rights Commissioner appointed

RNZ: New Human Rights Commissioner appointed

Kim Dotcom 

Stuff: Crown bests Dotcom in appeal over alleged information breach

Carla Penman (Herald): High Court overturns ruling of breach of privacy in Kim Dotcom case

RNZ: Kim Dotcom loses court battle over information requests

No Right Turn: Vexing bullshit

Primary industries

Newshub: Dairy farmers taking no chances on M bovis

Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Farm deaths and injuries declining despite latest tragedy

RNZ: WorkSafe advises caution to farmer parents around risks

Andrew Allan (Spinoff): NZ’s pig-headed rejection of GM is putting our agricultural future at risk

Cleo Fraser (Newshub): Kaipara mayor fears region overlooked after Tegel’s farm plan axed

Jessica Tyson (Māori TV): Tegel’s mega chicken factory scrapped by OIO

Sandra Kyle (Whanganui Chronicle): Opinion: Today set aside to ponder cruel existence of farmed animals

Jacqueline Rowarth (Stuff): What’s so bad about nitrogen, anyway?

Pat Deavoll (Stuff): This native pest is costing our economy millions – and it’s not alone


Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): Vandalism forces New Zealand council to remove Captain Cook statue

RNZ: Statue of James Cook to be removed in Gisborne

Newshub: Gisborne Captain Cook statue to be moved

Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes (Māori TV): Dual name “Tūranganui a Kiwa / Poverty Bay” gets support


RNZ: Nine to Noon: State attempted stifling of NZ media (audio)

Karl du Fresne: Good news: they’re printing the local paper locally again

Stuff: The Project wins important battle in 7pm ratings war

Local government

1News: Auckland ratepayers still forking out millions on leaky buildings

Rowan Quinn (RNZ): Phil Goff: Police aren’t doing enough to stop red light runners

RNZ:  Running red lights in Auckland: ‘We’ve got to change the culture’


Kurt Bayer (Herald): Harness racing figures deny race-fixing allegations

RNZ: Harness racing arrests: Nine appear in court


Martin van Beynen (Stuff): CTV engineer Alan Reay involved in trouble-plagued Auckland project

Audrey Young (Herald): Not much for NZ exporters to worry about after Trump revamps Nafta deal, says trade specialist

Logan Church (RNZ): Checkpoint: Rakautara residents threaten legal action against govt

Simon Louisson (Newsroom): The US consultant behind Wellington bus nightmare

Steve Deane (Newsroom): The slow death of the sports club volunteer

Te Aniwa Hurihanganui (RNZ): Māori Women’s Welfare League members expelled after legal challenge

Tommy Livingston (Stuff): Rachel MacGregor tells court Colin Craig had ‘groomed’ her

Herald: French cruise ship company and captain fined by New Zealand after Snares Islands grounding

RNZ: Ship grounding in protected area: French cruise company fined

Emily van Velthooven (1News): Kiwi youths pay homage to 355 New Zealand soldiers killed in 1943 battle in Italy

Māori TV: Kura kids moved by Italian war sites

Robin Martin (RNZ): Pensioners give IT, virtual reality and e-bikes a go at Ageing Disgracefully

Mariah Alyssa Medel (Newsroom): Cultural misappropriation: capturing Pacific stories

Katie Newton (Stuff): Time running out for Government to buy Kate Sheppard’s home

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