LockerRoom has entered a special new partnership with Women in Sport Aotearoa to bring you more top-class reading on Kiwi women in sport.

A not-for-profit organisation, Women in Sport Aotearoa exists to “transform society through leadership, research and advocacy” – ensuring all women and girls have equal opportunity to participate, compete and build careers in sport.

As well as its work in New Zealand, Women in Sport Aotearoa holds an important global role. Over the next four years, it will run the secretariat of the International Working Group on Women and Sport – the world’s largest network dedicated to empowering women and girls, and advancing sport.

It will also host the eighth IWG World Conference – the most significant conference on gender equity in sport held on the globe – in Auckland in 2022.

“LockerRoom is playing a key role in developing societal awareness and increasing interest in female sport,” says Rachel Froggatt, the chief executive of Women in Sport Aotearoa.

“Their stories are well-considered and feature a vast array of engaging insights, covering the achievements of women and girls from community level sport right up to high performance, coaching, leadership and governance.

“Women in Sport Aotearoa is proud to become an official partner. Whilst we have only been able to make a small financial contribution, since we are still growing ourselves, we are determined to help. We will be promoting their stories as far and wide as possible through our website, social media and events, and asking others to make a donation on the LockerRoom website to help support their work.”

Suzanne McFadden, the editor of LockerRoom, is thrilled to have this new relationship with Women in Sport Aotearoa. 

“We share similar goals – to shine a light on women in sport, and inspire a new generation of young women to be involved in sport,” she says.

“LockerRoom was created to fill a gap in sports journalism in New Zealand; we look forward to continuing to bring our readers stories on things that matter, with the help of Women in Sport Aotearoa.

“Rachel and other members of the Women in Sport Aotearoa network will also write commentary for LockerRoom on current issues, and we will endeavour to work together on series that highlight the achievements of Kiwi women in sport.”

In September last year, Botswana handed Women in Sport Aotearoa the reins to run the International Working Group (IWG) on Women and Sport Secretariat, and its four-yearly conference in 2022.

Established in 1994, IWG is the guardian of the Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport. Over 550 global organisations have committed to gender equity in sport – including the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and the global governing body of football, Fifa.

The IWG works to bring attention to the important issues facing women and girls in sport. It has partnerships with world agencies like UN Women, UNESCO and WHO, to drive awareness and support positive change.

Suzanne McFadden, the 2021 Voyager Media Awards Sports Journalist of the Year, founded LockerRoom, dedicated to women's sport.

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