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In the final part of a three-part interview with Newsroom’s Bernard Hickey, Vodafone CEO Jason Paris discusses his management style and why he is a prolific user of social media.

Not many chief executives respond directly to complaints about their company’s products and services – Jason Paris is an exception. A complaint or grumble from a customer on social media about Vodafone will often elicit a quick response from the boss.

“I enjoy being in social media channels because I can hear directly from our customers what they care about. You get a really good sense of how the organisation is turning up.“

Paris says he is in a privileged position to be able to sort problems out quickly. Paris says he is a big believer in transparency and companies should be more open about what they are doing.

“I think in the long term they will be the better ones and the higher performing ones.”

Paris, who is from Southland, says his upbringing has helped him cope with constant change like Vodafone is experiencing.

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