1. A man abused as a child in a state run home says the Royal Commission into Abuse is a once in an lifetime opportunity to bring about badly needed change.

2. One of the country’s longest serving prisoners told the commission yesterday he would not have ended up in jail if he had not been sent to a boys home when he was 11.

3. The National Party will make gang members prove they do not have illegal income or assets inorder to receive the unemployment benefits.

4. British MPs are debating a new attempt by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hold a general election on 12 December, after Labour threw its weight behind a pre-Christmas poll.

5. Tax officials are calling for a law change to ensure people who flip houses are not able to avoid tax.Under current rules, Kiwis do not have to pay tax when selling their main home or business premises, but the Tax Working Group says by changing the person who buys and sells the property each time, they are able to avoid paying tax.

6. The Education Ministry is planning for early childhood centres to ban sausages, popcorn, chips and other foods that can choke young children.

7. A spy for Kurdish forces in Syria stole Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s underwear in order to obtain a DNA sample of the ISIS leader and help lead the US military to his location, Kurdish officials have claimed.

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