As LockerRoom celebrates its second birthday – up on two legs and running – it’s a good chance to reflect on how far we’ve come.

We started when Newsroom turned one, so this site also marks its third full year of operation today.

In the past two years, LockerRoom has told hundreds of stories about New Zealand women in sport; stories that wouldn’t otherwise have seen the light of day.

We’ve endeavoured to shine light on a diverse array of sports – from motorsport to sheep shearing; trampolining to trail running; archery, skiing, crossfit and equestrian.

And it’s not just the athletes we’ve featured. We’ve brought you stories on women not usually in the spotlight – coaches, managers, umpires, administrators, supporters, specialists and scientists.      

LockerRoom is committed to following Newsroom’s lead in reporting on the ‘Things that Matter’. Our series of stories on RED-S, the syndrome that’s affecting many of our sportswomen, spurred a discussion that needed to happen.

We continue to bring you the voices of writers and columnists you won’t hear elsewhere, who put a different spin on issues affecting women in sport.

LockerRoom writer Ashley Stanley and editor Suzanne McFadden. Photo: Tim Murphy

In our biggest step in the past two years, LockerRoom welcomed a new full-time writer, Ashley Stanley – whose curiosity, enthusiasm, appreciation of sport and genuine understanding of people is reflected in her storytelling.

Her addition to the LockerRoom team comes courtesy of our two-year partnership with Sky. A partnership that’s bearing much fruit.

We’ve fostered a strong relationship with Sky Sport News, and we regularly feature video and written stories from their experienced team of sports journalists.

And every Friday, presenters Kate King and Ravinder Hunia deliver their weekly show, Sports A-Gender, dedicated to showcasing women in sport. It’s building a loyal following.

The next year promises to be a significant one for LockerRoom and New Zealand women in sport – with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics (hopefully) in four months’ time, and here at home, the Cricket World Cup and the Rugby World Cup in 2021. 

We’re grateful for your continuing readership and support; we’re welcoming more of you every day.

Thank you, too, for your donations to help fund LockerRoom through Press Patron – making it possible for us to keep telling important, compelling stories that, we hope, contribute to making a difference.

Suzanne McFadden, the 2021 Voyager Media Awards Sports Journalist of the Year, founded LockerRoom, dedicated to women's sport.

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