Economist Jarrod Kerr, of Kiwibank, has charted some of the NZ – and overseas – reported statistics on Covid-19’s spread.

I have charted New Zealand’s confirmed Covid-19 cases by date of announcement, region, gender and age bracket. 

All ‘data’ was collated from the Ministry of Health website.

New Zealand’s cases are following an all-too familiar trajectory seen offshore. Efforts to ‘flatten the curve’ are clearly warranted.

To date, we have 18 cases of people aged 60 and older, with 4 people in their 70s.

More males have been infected, with 40 of the 61 cases where gender is identified.

Across the cities and regions, Auckland has 24 cases, Wellington 8, Waikato 7, Dunedin/Otago 5, Taranaki 4, Canterbury 3, with 1-2 cases emerging across the rest of the country.

And reported overseas cases by Sunday evening March 22: 

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