As soon as the Prime Minister announced that the country had moved to a Level Three Covid-19 alert and would then move to a full Level Four lockdown in an attempt to stamp out the virus, the only thing on most people’s minds in downtown Wellington was how to prepare for living and working from home for at least a month.

Newsroom’s photographer documents the lead up to lockdown, and the first two days of a closed down capital.

Two women clear stock from a Manners St shop on Tuesday, March 24. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
A pharmacy assistant puts up signs as people queue for prescriptions outside a Lambton Quay chemist shop on Tuesday. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
A group of students load their bags and belongings into a ute as they prepare to leave the city early on Tuesday morning. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
A young woman carries shopping home in Aro Valley on Tuesday. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
A worker wheels home her office chair in Mt Cook. Photo: Lynn Grieveson

 Once lockdown began the city became a very different place.

State Highway One, Wellington, Thursday morning, March 26. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
Taranaki St, Thursday morning. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
Friends have a conversation between street and balcony on Friday morning. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
Skateboarding down Manners St, Friday lunchtime. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
Biking down Victoria St on Friday. Photo: Lynn Grieveson

Despite the restrictions, many people were out on Willis St, especially around the New World supermarket where a security guard was restricting entry, leaving others to wait outside.

Shoppers and smokers on Willis St on Friday. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
 A group of young men (with rugby ball) walking in downtown Wellington. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
New World Metro supermarket on Friday. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
Walking with a shopping bag towards the city supermarket. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
Many people chose to shop at quieter dairies. This man carrying shopping bags waits for his turn to enter a dairy enforcing the “one in, one out” rule. Photo: Lynn Grieveson
A message left on the window of a Cuba St cafe. Photo: Lynn Grieveson

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