Watch a replay of our seventh live Q&A session with Dr Ayesha Verrall, a senior lecturer at Otago University who specialises in infectious diseases.

Ayesha Verrall is an infectious diseases physician and senior lecturer at Otago University’s Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine (Wellington). Dr Verrall has been monitoring the spread and impact of Covid-19 closely and is answering Newsroom’s reader questions live.

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You can also watch the previous Q&As below.

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Session 2: Are we testing enough people in NZ?  (Mar 16)

Session 3:  If I get Covid-19 and recover, do I become immune? (Mar 19)

Session 4: Can I catch the virus from the food being delivered to my home? (Mar 24)

Session 5: Should we be wearing face masks in public? (Mar 27)

Session 6: Does my immunosuppression mean I would have little chance of surviving Covid-19 if I got it? (Apr 2)

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