Bernard Hickey talks to Kiwibank chief economist Jarrod Kerr about New Zealand’s apparent success with an early and hard lockdown that appears to be ‘squashing’ Covid-19 cases in a way yet to be seen elsewhere

Bernard Hickey zooms out with Jarrod Kerr to talk about early signs of success in “squashing” New Zealand’s Covid-19 before it gets going.

They talk to Newsroom’s Marc Daalder about the strategy, which has emerged in recent days as the number of new cases has reduced. 

They also bring in the Washington Post’s Beijing Bureau Chief, Anna Fifield, who is reporting remotely from Havelock North after leaving Beijing during school holidays. She reported this morning on New Zealand not just flattening the curve, but squashing it.

The programme finishes with news from listed companies today, including Metlifecare, which has seen a takeover deal fall over, Mainfreight, which reported relatively solid freight figures, and Tilt Renewables, which is returning $260 million in cash to shareholders after selling a wind farm in Australia. They talk to Newsroom’s Business Wrap editor Andrew Patterson.

This is part of a daily ‘Bernard and Jarrod Zoom out for Lunch’ webinar series during the lockdown. 

Kiwibank is a foundation supporter of Newsroom.

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