Kiwi Wealth’s online share and fund trading platform Hatch has never been so busy. GM Kristen Lunman talks to Bernard Hickey about why tens of thousands of New Zealanders are now trading stocks in US markets.

General Manager and Co-Founder of Hatch Kristen Lunmen has never been busier helping more than 30,000 New Zealanders using online share trading platform Hatch.

Hatch allows Kiwis to trade shares relatively inexpensively in US companies and brands that they may use every day and understand. Despite, or perhaps because of, the global markets turmoil in recent months, Lunmen says sign-ups for Hatch have risen 50 percent.

For many, one person’s crisis is another person’s opportunity. Now that stock prices have fallen sharply from their highs, some investors see a chance to buy shares cheaply.

Kristen talks with Bernard about the pros and cons of investing in such markets, and looks at the differences between previous periods of market volatility, and the affect of Covid-19 uncertainties on global markets.

She points to the much more aggressive response of central banks and governments to bolster businesses and to buy government bonds than in previous crises, and says that the underlying fundamentals of most companies and economies are largely unchanged.

Kiwi Wealth owns Hatch and is a sister company to Kiwibank in Kiwi Group Holdings Ltd, which is in turn owned by the Government, the NZ Super Fund and ACC.

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