Nicky Pellegrino and Stacy Gregg conclude their brilliant podcast series of interviews with popular New Zealand authors by interviewing each other about how to get published.

In the past 11 episodes of their podcast Book Bubble, novelist Nicky Pellegrino and children’s author Stacy Gregg have talked to an wide-ranging mix of New Zealand writers – from icons like Elizabeth Knox to talented newbie Amy McDaid – about their lives, their words and their work.

“It’s been a pleasure and also very illuminating,” says Nicky. “Every writer has been so different, but they’ve all had something interesting and new to say.”

This week in the final episode, the co-hosts talk to each other about their own publishing journey.

“We had feedback from listeners who wanted to know how we got our start – I think a few might have embarked on novels over lockdown!” says Stacy. “And we realised over the years we’ve learned some valuable lessons about publishing as an industry, that we were happy to pass on.”

Stacy has published 25 novels so far, and is now working on a series for younger readers. Pellegrino’s latest, Tiny Pieces Of Us, raced to the top of the best-seller chart. 

“Crafting a novel is one skill, getting it out into the world so people can read it is quite another,” says Nicky. “And as we say in this week’s Book Bubble, ‘it’s hard but it’s not impossible’.”

BookBubble was made with the support of Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa. Interviews in the series were conducted with Brandy Scott, Sue Copsey, Damien Wilkins, Kyle Mewburn, Nalini Singh, Christine Leunens, Elizabeth Knox, Charity Norman, Victor Rodger, Tayi Tibble and Amy McDaid.,dpr_auto,f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto,w_1200/k4dswzptnfv4vwoj2zr5

Stacy Gregg is HarperCollins NZ' third best-selling children' writer of all time (after David Walliams and Dr Seuss) as the author of over 30 pony novels. She is currently working on TV series Poni Poni...

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