With yet another sport coming under scrutiny over high performance coaching practices, Extra Time asks are our coaches too tough or are our athletes becoming too soft?

Two-thirds of Canoe Racing New Zealand’s women’s high performance squad have left the programme in the past 18 months, labelling the environment as toxic and manipulative.

It comes comes less than a month after a slew of allegations involving gymnastics in this country – while cycling, hockey, football and rowing have all come under scrutiny in the past couple of years for the way some athletes have been treated.

The panel, which includes LockerRoom writer Ashley Stanley, also took a look at the start of the Farah Palmer Cup rugby competition starting this weekend. 

And to spit or not to spit? Gobbing off has quite literally cost former Olympic runner Robbie Johnston a cross country title.

Stanley is joined on the panel by Sky host Alice Soper and RNZ’s Clay Wilson, Hamish Bidwell and Joe Porter.

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Clay Wilson is a sports journalist at RNZ and a host of the Extra Time podcast.

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