Emile Donovan and Sharon Brettkelly in an RNZ recording studio. Photo: Alexia Russell

Indulge us as we look back.

“It’s been a bit of an interesting year, hasn’t it?”

Emile Donovan with a bit of understatement as The Detail posts its last episode for 2020.

Today, Donovan, Sharon Brettkelly and Jessie Chiang get together and talk about our strange year; the covid-heavy podcasts, the ones they loved, where we went on our seven week hiatus and who our MVP of guests is.

We’ll be back next year (thanks, NZ on Air!) with more of the same. In the mean time we have a substantial back catalogue which you can find on Newsroom’s website, or on any podcast platform. Newsroom will also be running the best of our episodes over summer. 

Ka kite ano.

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