An investigation is underway into Case B in the recent Covid cluster, who may be fined up to $1000 for misrepresenting their testing history

Police were called in to investigate wrong information given by an MIQ worker about receiving regular testing, raising questions about the timeliness of the introduction of mandatory weekly testing for all border workers.

The relief security guard from the Grand Millennium MIQ facility allegedly provided their employer with false information claiming they had been receiving regular testing, despite their last test being in November.

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins told the press today the worker had been giving false information to their employer.

“The individual concerned was supplying information to their employer that they had been regularly tested – it appears that has not been the case.”

The worker was the second reported case in this month’s Covid cluster, identified as Case B.

Hipkins said an investigation was underway involving police.

He did not rule out police action, saying fees and fines are possible under the Covid-19 health order. However, he stressed police must examine the situation’s details first.

“Before any fees or fines are considered, there needs to be a thorough investigation.”

The investigation will look into methods used by the facility to make sure workers are being honest about their testing.

“The employer should have been able to verify whether the person had been tested or not.”

This comes as the Government prepares for the mandatory introduction of the Border Worker Register at the end of this month, along with new regulations such as all border workers requiring weekly testing.

As it stands, workers at the Jet Park quarantine facility must get a test each week, but workers at other facilities only have to show employers a test every two weeks.

Hipkins said the move towards tightening MIQ worker regulations came before it was revealed the worker’s information did not add up.

Matthew Scott covers immigration, urban development and Auckland issues.

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