Tēnā koutou ngā tāngata katoa o Aotearoa, Niu Tīrene. Nau mai haere mai ki te wāhanga tuarua o te pakipūmeka mō te ‘Māori Economy’.

Small to medium Māori enterprises make up 80 percent of the Māori economy asset base. The big three “fishing, farming, and forestry” still dominate in terms of revenue but in the past two decades the Māori economy has broadened dramatically to include film, fashion, food and a multitude of other enterprises across a broad strata of industries.

Māori business analyst Joshua Hitchcock explains: “The contemporary Māori Economy has developed in three waves”.

The first wave was the development of land based businesses following the return of whenua Māori in the 1900s that allowed Māori the ability to determine the use of their whenua in their best interests. The second wave was a derivation of Iwi owned businesses as a consequence of the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process that started in the 1990s. In this episode of the Māori Economy we look at businesses operating in the third wave, the proliferating number of Māori entrepreneurs and SMEs (small to medium enterprises) owners “making their own mark on the world” through business.

“We are thinking generations ahead, we start a business not because we want to see a tidy-as profit margin, although we know that’s important and we can do that now because we understand how the system works. We’re post all the colonisation and all those types of things that happened, we’re products of that and now we’re on the other end, we understand how this game’s played, now we’re going to use this to build our peoples back up” Vincent Egan, CEO – Māui Studios

This documentary series was produced for Newsroom by Hinge productions.

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