The global logistics company is immediately suspending all of its services in and out of Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine

Mainfreight has closed its Ukraine office and is winding down its Russian operations, in the midst of the current conflict playing out in Eastern Europe.

This morning, the global logistics provider announced its services in and out of Russia are suspended with immediate effect.

The company has 25 staff involved in its operation in St Petersburg. It also has an office in Kyiv in Ukraine, which has also been shut.

Managing director Don Braid told Newsroom the sanctions in place against Russia have halted the movement of goods in the region.

“As of today, we aren’t accepting any more freight and, in fact, had no more freight on the water into Russia, therefore we’re having to wind the operation down.”

Braid says the company’s Ukrainian staff are safe and being offered assistance.

“We’ve attempted to get those that wish to leave out and find them safe passage and accommodation in Europe,” he says.

“It’s a challenge but we’ve got a great team in Europe. Our Romanian team has assisted our Ukrainian team and have helped those [staff] and all their families that want to get out.”

It’s unclear how long Mainfreight’s office in Russia will be closed, but this will have a “very small” impact on the company, Braid says.

Mainfreight is working through what to do with its premises and infrastructure based in Russia.

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