WATCH: One woman’s war – a video story on a notable Great War volunteer

Thousands of New Zealand women served in World War 1 but they received little recognition compared with their male counterparts.

They were all volunteers and many paid for their own tickets to travel overseas.

Most worked as nurses or orderlies in hospitals near the frontlines in Europe and North Africa. The conditions were often difficult and dangerous.

One of New Zealand’s first female doctors, Jessie Scott, was among the volunteers.

She treated Serbian and British soldiers wounded in the Balkan war against Austria. Left behind during a retreat, she was captured and held as a prisoner of war but later released.

She then returned to work on the Russian front lines in Romania. When the war ended she was awarded the Order of St Sava, third class, for her work with the Serbian army.

Wellington journalist Anna Cottrell produced this video on Dr Jessie Scott’s war service and has given Newsroom permission to use it

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