Peter Ellis the night before the verdict, which would take 30 years to set right.

Newsroom’s gripping new podcast takes you inside one of New Zealand’s most controversial legal cases – and has rocketed to the number one spot since its release.

Newsroom’s new true crime podcast has taken the number one ranking on Apple in New Zealand.

Peter Ellis, the Creche Case & Me is an 8-part podcast hosted by award-winning journalist and Newsroom’s investigations editor Melanie Reid, who was a reporter in Christchurch in the early 1990s when childcare worker Peter Ellis was arrested and charged with abusing children in his care.

Using never before heard interviews taken from tapes Reid rescued out of a dumpster, Peter Ellis, the Creche Case & Me tells the infamous Peter Ellis story as it unfolds, bringing you right into a time of prejudice, hysteria and delusion, when a kind of madness gripped Christchurch, resulting in a miscarriage of justice that would take 30 years to put right.

“I think why the podcast resonates with people is because it’s such an extraordinary case – and we are right there on the ground in the 1990s telling it as it happens with the main person, Peter Ellis. Not only is it an unbelievable story but it’s a close-up look at who were and how we behaved as a society not so very long ago, and the overwhelming response is that people are amazed that this actually happened in New Zealand,” says Reid.

“If there was ever a case where truth is stranger than fiction, this is it.”

Since its launch on January 4, Peter Ellis, the Creche Case & Me has seen a rapid rise in popularity and has taken the top spot on Apple Podcasts for more than a week.

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Bonnie Sumner is part of the Newsroom Investigates reporting team

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