Happy Hour

The High Council of Kings Landing

Gather in the great banquet hall

Of the Elders of Te-Whanganui-a-Tara.

The Grand Druidess calls the meeting to order

By tapping her dessert spoon on a cheeky bottle

Of 2019 Champagne Moutard Dame Nesle Pinot Noir Rose NV.

A delegation of worthy merchants and costermongers

Shuffle into the great hall to call for mercy in the

Let’s Get Kings Landing Moving Golden Mile

Traffic Resolutions Oral Hearing (Part 7, Subsection Z.)

The Grand Druidess looks up from her menu

And moves that the High Council relocates

To the No Quarter Steakhouse and Bistro

In order to support the local hospitality industry.

Debate rages as a counter resolution is put

Demanding the High Council relocate instead

To the Majestic Dragon for Peking Duck.

Swinging upside down from the chandeliers,

The Grand Druidess demands “do you know who I am?”

To the rebel Majestic Dragon faction.

Her personal sommelier answers promptly:

“Kings Landing Wine Critic of the Year, 2023.”

The sound of breaking glass and uproarious laughter

Fills the Banquet Hall, as the Elders start to dance on the tables

And the Finance Sub Committee starts a conga line.

“I hereby adjourn happy hour,” announces the Grand Druidess

As she makes for the doors,

Nimbly sidestepping two waiters and a row of bouncers

Before sprinting towards Courtenay Place,

Trailed by a forlorn Maitre’D waving a bill

Like a small white flag of surrender.

Victor Billot has previously felt it his civic duty to compose Odes for Mayor Wayne Brown, Mayor Ben Bell, and mayoral flop Leo Molloy.

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