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This week on the Raw Politics podcast: Tax, fiscal holes, and disinformation. Plus: With just 43 days until the election, how is the campaign shaping up?

Raw Politics ponders how National’s $14.6 billion tax plan landed both politically and in real terms for those who will benefit from the proposed tax relief. Then we cast forward to the campaign launches this weekend in Auckland where Labour and National will lay out their visions for the country if in government after October 14.

Newsroom Pro editor Jonathan Milne was one of two journalists to get his hands on the Castalia report that National commissioned to get its t’s crossed, i’s dotted, and maths analysed ahead of its announcement on Wednesday.

Milne notes National was transparent in saying where its numbers differed from Castalia’s and says it’s worth remembering the analysis was commissioned by the leader’s office and on Christopher Luxon’s terms.

Political editor Jo Moir and senior political reporter Marc Daalder then explain the manic vibe in Parliament in the final week with press conferences and counter press conferences, potshots followed by allegations of disinformation, and some MPs no doubt contemplating whether they’ll ever be back in the building.

Then there’s the rush of legislation being rammed through the House in the final days before everyone packs up their lockers, throws on their backpacks, and heads out into the campaign field.

Some of us are exhausted and the campaign hasn’t even begun, while others seem exhilarated. Moir and Newsroom co-editor Tim Murphy will be at the major parties’ campaign launches on Saturday and Sunday to provide our readers with the latest political news and analysis.

This week’s recommendations include Act Party’s number 16 on the list being so confident he’ll be in Parliament he told Newsroom’s Emma Hatton he’s put his business up for sale (with a caveat), an international look at tax cuts, and a colourful Herald piece from press gallery legend, Audrey Young.

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This week’s recommendations:

Marc: Our own Emma Hatton’s chat with a confident Act candidate

Jo: Audrey Young at the Herald on the best and worst behaved MPs

Jono: A look at Germany’s corporate tax cuts

Jo Moir is Newsroom's political editor.

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