The bait is essentially poisoned Weetbix—centimetre-long cylindrical pellets of wheat dyed an unhealthy-looking bright green. The active ingredient is brodifacoum, a blood thinner. Photo: Richard Robinson/New Zealand Geographic

This week, it’s an abridged version of ‘Turning The Tide’, written by Kate Evans and published in New Zealand Geographic‘s September-October issue.

It’s about her trip to Tonga to witness one of New Zealand’s most poorly known export industries in action – conservation.

You can read the full story, including photos by Richard Robinson, on the New Zealand Geographic website.

A team of New Zealanders and Tongans have just carpeted a remote volcanic island in Tonga with poisoned bait, hoping to eradicate rats—and with that one action, restore a vibrant, interconnected ecosystem of seabirds, forest animals, coral reefs and marine life.

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