At Newsroom we are focused on cutting through the noise and providing you with context and clarity.

Our aim is not to waste your time with irrelevant information or poorly researched opinion pieces.

When you make room for Newsroom we want to make sure that it is worth your while.

Because our reporters are located throughout the country, they understand that different communities have different concerns.

But there are issues like law and order, education, and the impact of climate change that affect us all. We give our journalists time to analyse and report on how the political parties plan to deal with the challenges confronting us right now and in the future.

The media itself is facing many challenges. The big foreign-owned social media platforms scoop up most of the advertising dollars that previously supported local news providers. If you value quality news, and diversity of views, then the best way to ensure its survival is to subscribe to Newsroom Pro and receive our special daily email and priority access to news stories. Alternatively, you can make a donation and sign up to our free newsletters. Every dollar we get from readers is spent on journalism.

This election campaign we are bringing you some extra features like our Sure Things series where we look at the new faces practically guaranteed to make it to Parliament. We are also examining the smaller parties to see what their One big idea is and for those who like to get their news and analysis in podcast form we have Raw Politics hosted by my co-editor Tim Murphy and political editor Jo Moir.

We think that’s worth making room for.

Mark Jennings is co-editor of Newsroom.

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