Newsroom. Worth making room for.

We created Newsroom because we believe New Zealanders deserve trustworthy, high quality independent journalism.

We are New Zealand owned and all the revenue that comes from our subscribers and donors goes into covering local news and current affairs.

Our journalists break exclusive stories, but we are not in a rush to be first. Newsroom focuses on bringing clarity and depth to the issues that really matter to New Zealanders.

Content comes at consumers from every direction in ever increasing amounts – the world is fighting for your attention. We promise to not to waste your time with clickbait or reckons or superficial analysis.

You can trust Newsroom because of our independence, integrity, and intelligence. The “three I’s” represent our core values.

We proudly invite New Zealand to “Make room for Newsroom” – because there has never been a more important time for high quality independent journalism to come to the fore.


Newsroom is fiercely independent. Founded by journalists and run by journalists. Our ownership structure is simple, without complexity or agenda.

When we are reporting on controversial issues, we look for balance and a variety of voices. Our columnists and opinion writers are from across the political spectrum.

Newsroom has a variety of revenue sources apart from subscriptions and donations. Advertising, content partnerships with leading companies and public funding from NZ on Air and the Public Interest Journalism Fund. This does not change our rigorous editorial approach to the Government of the day.


We treat all our readers with respect. No one needs to be told how to think. Our journalists are given more time to research the facts before they are put in front of you. At Newsroom we are always looking to put context around our reporting. 

We employ mainly experienced journalists with a passion for their craft. Many have developed high levels of expertise in specialist areas – built up over years of working rounds or beats.

We use our partnerships with the country’s leading Universities to access the latest research and thinking on the major issues confronting New Zealand today.


Trust, truth, and transparency sit at the very heart of what we do. Relentlessly seeking the truth, reporting impartially, standing up to the powerful and being fair is embedded in our DNA.

Sometimes we will make mistakes, but we are committed to correcting these as quickly as possible and alerting readers to any changes and why we’ve made them. Newsroom is a member of the New Zealand Media Council.

We make sure that opinion columns and any content that has been paid for by a third party are clearly labelled.

Meet the Founders

Mark Jennings | CO-EDITOR

Mark Jennings’ career in journalism extends back to the late 1970s and, until the founding of Newsroom, was primarily anchored in broadcast news.

After 10 years in front of the camera in Australia from 1979-89, Mark returned to New Zealand and began a 27-year career with MediaWorks. He has mentored successive generations of acclaimed and respected journalists, and was responsible for launching Newshub across TV Three and Radio Live.

Mark writes about the media industry, business, and the tertiary sector.

Tim Murphy | CO-EDITOR

Tim Murphy is the former editor-in-chief of the New Zealand Herald, and led the newspaper and its digital channels through rapid change in the first two decades of the new millennium.

An experienced journalist with a background in breaking news and political reporting, Tim served as chairman of the Media Freedom Committee for five years. He was also a member of the executive committee of the New Zealand Press Council.

For Newsroom, Tim writes about politics and Auckland issues.


Best crime and justice reporting

Melanie Reid, Newsroom Investigates

Best regular podcast

The Detail

Best reviewer

Rachel King

Voyager Media Awards 2022

Best investigation

Melanie Reid, Newsroom Investigates

Best arts and culture reporting

Steve Braunias

Best reviewer

Philip Matthews

Voyager Media Awards 2021

Best individual investigation

Aaron Smale – ‘Abuse, torture and a deep state campaign of denial’

Business Journalist of the Year

Nikki Mandow

Sports Journalist of the Year

Suzanne McFadden

Best columnist – general

Anna Rawhiti-Connell

Reviewer of the Year

Charlotte Grimshaw

Voyager Media Awards 2020

Best news website – runner up

Best single news story

Melanie Reid

Best editorial campaign or project

Melanie Reid – Oranga Tamariki uplifts

Opinion Writer of the Year

Emma Espiner

Science Journalism Award

Eloise Gibson

Feature writing – general

Steve Braunias

Best first-person essay or feature

Tayi Tibble – ‘Ihumātao: Everyone was there, e hoa’

NZ Shareholders’ Association Business Journalism awards 2020

Business Journalist of the Year

Nikki Mandow – ‘Bad Things Happen’

Best features

Nikki Mandow

Best commentary

Rod Oram

NZ Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Communicators awards 2020

Ko Tātou This Is Us Biosecurity Journalism Award

Nikki Mandow

Zespri Export Journalism Award

Nikki Mandow

Agricultural Journalism Encouragement Award

Nikki Mandow

2020 Citi Journalism Awards for Excellence

New Zealand Journalist of the Year Award

Nikki Mandow – ‘Bad Things Happen’

Marketing Magazine Media Hot List 2019

Hottest Publisher

Hottest Editors – People’s Choice

Mark Jennings & Tim Murphy

2019 Citi Journalism Awards for Excellence

Young Business Journalist of the Year

Thomas Coughlan – ‘The massive conflict of interest in vehicle imports into New Zealand’

New Zealand Journalist of the Year Award

Rod Oram – ‘How Fonterra hit the wall in China’

Huawei Mate30 Pro NZ TV Awards 2019

Best Current Affairs Programme

Newsroom Investigates

Voyager Media Awards 2019

Reporting (general) winner

Melanie Reid

Science and Technology Award

Eloise Gibson

Features – Crime writing and/or social issues

Teuila Fuatai

Voyager Media Awards 2018

Website of the Year

(joint) Winner

Melanie Reid

Eloise Gibson

Best (single) news story

Melanie Reid – ‘Police and the payout’

Reporting (general) winner

Melanie Reid

Huawei Mate30 Pro NZ TV Awards 2017

Best Current Affairs Programme

‘The Politician, The Police and The Payout’