Commenting FAQ

If I write a post, what name will appear?

We want you to truly stand behind your comments, which is why we require your full name to appear by your comment. This is to ensure the standard of debate remains high and is not a place for anonymous keyboard warriors. To ensure your full name is appearing on your account visit the ‘My Account’ page, where you can update your details in the ‘Display Name’ section. If you need assistance doing this please email

How can I change or submit my commenting profile photo? 

To submit or change your profile photo email your picture to and we’d be happy to load it for you.  As with your name, we’re looking for a picture of you, and photos submitted that impersonate others will not be accepted.  

What type of posts should I avoid?

Play the ball, not the player

This is not a space for derision or personal attacks on other commenters, our journalists or contributors. If you disagree with someone’s point, articulate why – this helps intelligent conversations move forward and keeps the tone of the conversation civil. Personal attacks, trolling, or comments that are extremely offensive or abusive will be removed.

No ‘Flame Wars’

It’s easy for generalisations to take over when a topic traverses ideological territory. Context, nuance, and sometimes the facts get lost when conversations become polarised or start to run along ‘party lines’. ‘OK, boomer’, ‘commie’, ‘woke’ and other cliches and labels don’t add to the debate.

It should go without saying…

Comments that are discriminatory, offensive or abusive to others on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability will not be tolerated. Other absolute no-go areas which will result in the removal of comments, or in extreme cases, removal of commenting privileges include:

  • obscenities -putting symbols or spaces into obscene words doesn’t cut it
  • comments that incite or promote violence or illegal acts
  • trolling
  • comments that constitute contempt of court, violate court-ordered suppressions (or have the potential to contravene future suppressions)
  • Spam content, commercial promotions, or advertising.
  • defamatory comments
  • Comments that link to propaganda without sufficiently adding to the debate.

Lazy or off-topic commentary

While we appreciate word economy, three or four words does not necessarily an argument make. If you’d like to share your insights or put forward an idea, we’d ask you to put in a reasonable effort, stay on-topic, and refrain from going heavy on the CAPS LOCK.

I’ve seen a post that violates the Community Rules. What should I do?

We have taken great care to create Community Rules for commenting that will provide a safe and civil environment for commenters to share their ideas, but for that to work we need you to help build and maintain it. If you see a comment you believe violates our Community Rules email and let us know. Reports will be sent directly to our moderation team so please be judicious when making a report.

What does it mean if I am suspended or banned?

Your commenting privileges will be revoked either temporarily or permanently. This is not an action taken lightly but we reserve the right to take away commenting access if you repeatedly or seriously violate these Community Rules or our Terms and Conditions.

I still have more questions. Where can I send them?

If you have a question regarding comment moderation email

Story leads, corrections or queries are best directed to

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Final note about Newsroom Pro commenting

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